Laboratory section:
Khomein Yarn Industries Company's laboratory has recently been set up using up-to-date laboratory equipment in the field of dyeing and quality control of yarn, using the power of relevant experts in the textile industry.
1- Screw coil equipped with digital scales and automatic calculation operations for yarn scoring
2- Resistance meter (to check for elongation, resistance, tension, etc.)
3- Twisting device (to check the amount of yarn twist)
4- Cutter machine (scoring from wick of yarn or half of yarn)
5- Panel gauge machine (for taking samples from yarn samples and checking NAP, uniformity, lint, etc.)
6- Mortensen dye sampling machine (for dyeing samples up to 1 kg)
7- Azardelta sampling machine (up to about 5 grams of dyeing sample)
Khomein Yarn Industries Company announces scientific groups and scholars active in the field of production of experimental equipment